2023 Graduate Division Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholars

The Graduate Division and a faculty selection committee reviewed nominations and chose two 2023 Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholars. They were recognized and received engraved Annieglass platters at the 2023 Postdoc Symposium on June 6 at the Seymour Marine Center. Additionally, they each received a $1,500 award for professional development. Congratulations to these scholars, and to all of our nominees! Postodoctoral scholars contribute important research done at our university, and are an integral part of what makes our campus strong.

priya-crosby-550x550.png William DeRocco
Priya Crosby
EMBO Long-Term Postdoctoral Fellow with research focus on circadian rhythm, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Partch Lab
Nominated by Professor Carrie Partch, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Endorsed by Professor Seth Rubin, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Assistant Professor Jacqueline Kimmey, Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology
William DeRocco
Postdoctoral Scholar, Physics Department and Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics (SCIPP), President of Santa Cruz Organization for Outreach in Physics (SCOOP)
Nominated by Professor Stefano Profumo, Physics
Endorsed by Associate Professor Wolfgang Altmannshofer, Physics, and Stanford Associate Professor of Physics Peter Graham