Online Courses

The Graduate Division has created or worked with campus partners to create professional development videos and made them available on the Canvas platform as part of the Canvas courses Professional Development or Teaching as an Ethical Practice (TA Ethics).* Use the link of either course to enroll in it and take its modules in any order and without the requirement to take all of its modules.

Canvas Courses Professional Development and Teaching as an Ethical Practice (TA Ethics) and their course modules.

Professional Development

image of Christa Seidl and part of her grad slam presentationSlide Design Principles by Sonya Newlyn, professional development coordinator, Graduate Division, takes the viewer through the principles covered on the Slide Design Principles page, using examples. Check Slide Design Workshop to learn when it will be offered during the academic year.

LinkedIn logoUsing LinkedIn by Christina Hall, former career coach with Career Success, takes the viewer through LinkedIn profile design principles and platform functionality to improve findability, networking, and job searching.

photo of Alison MillerWriting Psychology by Alison Miller, Ph.D., The Dissertation Coach, takes the viewer through various writing psychology issues that may hamper writing productivity. Miller offers methods for mitigating these issues to improve writing productivity and success. Check Writing Psychology to learn when it will be offered during the academic year. Also explore the VOCES Graduate Student Writing Center, a writing support resource that offers graduate student peer writing coaching.

photo of Gwynn BennerWriting the CV by Gwynn Benner, former assistant vice chancellor, Student Affairs and Success, takes the viewer through different methods of organizing the CV, depending on the type of academic position being sought. Check Curriculum Vitae to learn when it will be offered by staff of Career Success during the academic year.

Teaching as an Ethical Practice (TA Ethics*)

by the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

Situating the Ethics of Teaching

Supporting Student Learning

Equity in the Classroom: Inclusivity

Equity in the Classroom: Accessibility

Equity in the Classroom: Academic Integrity

Responsibility, Care, and Professionalism

*First-time UCSC teaching assistants (TAs) are required to take a different version of TA Ethics during the quarter of their first teaching assistantship, unless they took this different version as part of a requisite pedagogy course in their program as a condition of receiving their teaching assistantship. Staff graduate advisers inform the Graduate Division of their first-time TAs to enroll in TA Ethics before the start of each quarter, and the Graduate Division invites those graduate students to accept enrollment in the required version of the course. This version must be taken in module order and has quizzes at the end of each that students must take to advance to the next module. If you are a first-time UCSC TA, have not taken TA Ethics as part of a requisite pedagogy course in your program, and have not been invited to enroll in the required version of TA Ethics, contact your staff graduate student adviser and the Graduate Division.