Summer Graduate Individual Studies


  • Tuition is: $279 per credit, plus the $305.85 one-time campus fee.

    The Campus Fee is mandatory for students enrolled in credits (on-campus, remotely, and online). It is charged every quarter at UC Santa Cruz. 

    Fees Table


    Tuition & Campus Fee

    2 $863.85
    3 $1,142.85
    5 $1,700.85
    6 $1,979.85
    7 $2,258.85
    10 $3,095.85








  • Deadlines

    • May 1 - enrollment opens, and we can then start processing your submitted forms 
    • July 25 - last day to submit a petition
    • August 1 - last day to drop 

  • How to Enroll

  • We now use DocuSign for completing and approving summer individual studies. 

    1. To complete the form, you will need the name and emails of your Faculty Sponsor and your Department Chair or Graduate Advisor. You must use their UCSC email addresses (not an alias or general advisor email).
    2. You will be required to authenticate your form. An email will come to your UCSC email to complete the authentication process.
    3. Once you have signed your form, it is routed to your faculty sponsor, then your department chair or graduate advisor to e-sign.
    4. Once they have e-signed, all parties will receive an email of the completed form and staff will enroll you. You won't get another email but you will see it successfully in your portal once you’re enrolled.
    5. These are considered 10-week sessions – you can complete the work anytime within the ten weeks. 

    Summer Grad Individual Studies Form

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