Graduate Dean's Research Travel Grant

We are currently accepting applications for Dean's Travel Grant awards for Spring 2024.

The Graduate Dean's Research Travel Grant is designed to assist members of the graduate student community with travel to:

  • perform thesis-related research
  • present original work at conferences
  • attend workshops, professional development or programs pertinent to their graduate projects

The total amount of funds available and the number of applications varies each quarter and each application period is treated as an independent award process. The process is tailored to approve the maximum number of applications each quarter, while maintaining a useful award size. Please note that due to many recipients being awarded for the Fall 2023 call we will have significantly less recipients for the Spring 2024 call.

Please complete the online Graduate Dean's Research Travel Grant application to apply.

PLEASE NOTE: If you were awarded a travel grant in the Fall 2023 call, you will be ineligible to receive a grant in the Spring 2024 call.

Priority is given to applicants seeking funds in the following order: 1) research related travel, 2) presenting at a conference, 3) funds for professional development, or 4) attending a conference. You may also write in the reason for your request for a travel grant.

The amount of the award given, if granted, will depend on the total number of qualifying applications received and the overall number of grants to be awarded. Typically, the maximum amount awarded per person is $500. The Graduate Division continually seeks additional funding to increase the overall amount of travel and research award funds. Additional funding for this round of applications has been provided by the Graduate Student Commons.

If your application is successful, students will have the option of receiving funds via 1) an amazon eGift Card 2) a physical Visa gift card, or 3) fellowship payment (considered taxable income).

Please note that applications must be COMPLETE and CORRECT in order to be considered.

All applications for the Spring 2024 funding call must be received by May 17, 2023.

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