Science & Justice Training Course Available Winter 2020

December 10, 2019


Karen Barad and Jenny Reardon, 2014 SJTP Certificate Reception, c/o SJTP.

Early career PhD students and senior faculty from all academic divisions on campus will be participating in The Science & Justice Experiments in Collaboration, in winter quarter 2020. The seminar is the introductory course in a training curriculum being led by the Science & Justice Research Center.

Graduate students who complete the seminar will be invited to continue in the training, called the Science & Justice Training Program. When completed students will be awarded Science & Justice Certificates. Participants in the program receive mentorship from affiliated faculty as students continue to develop and strategize their research work at UC Santa Cruz.

From the course description:

"This class offers a unique opportunity for graduate students from engineering, natural and social sciences, humanities and the arts to learn to labor together to understand and address these and other critical issues. The course proceeds through problem-based inquiry at the junction of science & justice. A series of classes will model co-laborative conversations that pair a science and engineering scholar with a scholar from the social sciences, humanities and arts. Past topics include de-extinction, soil socio-ecologies, and racial justice and genomics. Throughout, you will work with your fellow students to imagine a possible co-laboration that engages your own research questions."

Further details about the seminar and the training program can be found at the Science & Justice Research Center's website.

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