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Kimberley Kanani Bitterwolf, UCSC Grad Slam 2018: Decoding Earth's Erratic History - How the salts in the earth's crust can help us understand the Earth's history. People's Choice and Winner of the 2018 UCSC Grad Slam. Watch»

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Fog surrounds a tree with red ribbons at Mount Tai, Shandong ProvinceSearching for Clues in the Archives, Stephanie Montgomery

How a graduate student pursued hints and traces from history in search of a research topic. Continue»

Graduate Programs

UC Santa Cruz offers graduate study in 41 academic fields and 57 concentrations. Many graduate programs have interdisciplinary components, and students are encouraged to explore the conceptual connections between related fields. Click here for a full list of our programs.

Graduate Horizons

The Divison of Graduate Studies has launched the Graduate Horizons program - professional development for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars through group events and individual mentoring. Learn more about what's happening with Graduate Horizons.

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