Graduate Student Leadership Certificate Program

Leadership Certificate Program on Hiatus Winter 2021

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing shutdown of UC Santa Cruz main campus and satellite campuses but for essential employees and minimal in-person activities, the Graduate Division will offer several virtual leadership workshops winter 2021 that will be available to all graduate students. This will be in lieu of the leadership certificate program.

Why leadership? Through the example of their action, the inspiration of their vision, and the persuasion of their words, leaders help build individual actions into collective achievements. Whether you are beginning your first year as a graduate student or preparing to go on the job market degree-in-hand, the (learnable!) skills of exceptional leadership will help you translate the disciplinary expertise and experience you have acquired in your degree program into your broader professional life and aspirations.  Seeking to understand the dynamics of group processes and your role within them, you can expand your capacity for self-awareness and become more mindful of and responsive to those around you. Developing a skilled leadership practice enhances your efficacy in the many leading roles you may occupy: as teacher, researcher, mentor, manager, team leader, advocate, innovator, and entrepreneur.

The program will introduce a range of leadership theory, practical skills, and special topics relevant for application in both academic and professional contexts.  With a varied format including readings, interactive group activities, case studies, panel discussions, and professionally conducted workshop sessions, program participants will learn about major trends in contemporary leadership thought, develop practical skills for negotiation and conflict resolution, and discuss modes of translating collaborative teamwork and the positive, productive employment of the different disciplinary perspectives and backgrounds students bring to the program.

Topics Typically Covered in the Leadership Certificate Program

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Presentation and Self-Presentation
  • Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and 360-Degree Assessment
  • Negotiation and Collaboration
  • Diversity, Campus Climate, and Cultural Competency
  • Academic Leadership and Shared Governance
  • Project and Budget Management
  • Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • Awareness, Neuroscience, and the Mindful Leader
  • Actualizing Your Leadership Potential