Grad Research

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Michael Nayak won First Place at the 2016 UC Santa Cruz Grad Slam, and represented our campus at the UC-wide finals in San Francisco on April 22nd. Watch»

Featured Profile

Sarah Beganskas, 25, a fourth-year grad student at UC Santa Cruz, has found herself ankle Percolating ideas

Grad student Sarah Beganskas is studying what could become part of the solution to California’s water crisis: collecting storm runoff so it can seep into the ground instead of being diverted to rivers and seas. Continue»

Graduate Programs

UC Santa Cruz offers graduate study in 41 academic fields and 57 concentrations. Many graduate programs have interdisciplinary components, and students are encouraged to explore the conceptual connections between related fields. Click here for a full list of our programs.

Research Excellence

UC Santa Cruz graduate students and faculty have made significant contributions to the body of research that has earned the University of California the ranking as the foremost public research institution in the world. UCSC has earned national recognition for the quality of its research and teaching. Highlights of our Research Excellence