GARP Training

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GARP Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

Complete Training Manual (pdf -- updated 1/30/2017)

Tips, Tricks and New Features (pdf -- Updated Version Coming Soon)

Module 1: GARP Introduction (pdf)

GARP at a Glance
Logging In
Getting Help
GARP Security
Basic Navigation
Video: GARP Navigation 

Module 2: Using the Applicant List Page (pdf)

Applicant Listing Page Elements
Using Display and Format settings
Setting Your Custom View
Using Filter and Sort functions
Using the Advanced Search page
Video: Setting your Custom View

Module 3: Reviewing Applicants (pdf)

Review Applicant Page Elements
Expanding/Collapsing Page Sections
Downloading Documents
Using Administrative Comments
Using Reviewer Comments
Using the Refer to a Colleague feature
Editing Research Emphasis/Interest
Video: Administrative Comments
Video: Reviewer Comments 
Video: Refer to a Colleague
Video: Editing Research Emphasis/Interest 

Module 4: Miscellaneous Features: Exports, Tags, and Graphs (pdf)

Exporting Application Data
Exporting Comments
Exporting Contact Information
Using Graphs
Video: Exporting Data from GARP 
Video: Using Graphs 

Module 5: Admissions Status (pdf)

Department Status vs. AIS Status
Setting Individual Admission Decisions
Setting Mass Admission Decisions
Video: Setting Individual Admission Decisions 
Video: Setting Mass Admission Decisions 

Module 6: Applicant Funding (pdf)

Block Allocation Calculation
Award Types
Entering Awards
Exporting Awards
Video: Assigning Financial Awards 

Module 7: Manage Reviewers (pdf -- NEW FEATURE)

Add Reviewer to an Applicant
Remove Reviewer from an Applicant
Create a Notification
Modify a Notification

Appendix A: Security Matrix (pdf)

Appendix B: Keyboard Shortcuts for PC Users (pdf)

Glossary of Terms (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)