Enrollment, Registration and Financial Information

**Numbers given for salary and fees are estimates and are subject to change without notice.**

Students should contact their department regarding enrollment in courses for your first quarter.

Some or all instruction for all or part of the Academic Year may be delivered remotely. Tuition and fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction occurs remotely for any part of the Academic Year. Figures for tuition and fees represent currently approved or proposed amounts and may not be final.  Actual tuition and fees are subject to change by the University of California as determined to be necessary or appropriate. Final approved tuition and fee levels may differ from the amounts presented.

    Registration Fees & Tuition

  • All students are required to pay Registration Fees and Tuition for the academic year; non-resident students pay an additional Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition. Complete fee details are posted at the Registrar's Fees page; navigate to the Graduate Registration Fees section, or select the appropriate professional degree program.
  • Special Notes Regarding Payment of Fees

    • An award of a Non-Resident Tuition Fellowship (either full or partial) does not include payment of Registration Fees.
    • Teaching Assistantships (TA), only cover part of the Registration fee; you will owe the remaining amount (unless the fees are provided by some other fellowship award).
    • Graduate Student Researchships (GSR) have Registration Fees and Non-Resident Tuition paid by the supporting grant.
  • Fee Payment Schedule (due dates)

    For students admitted for fall quarter, registration bills, including housing charges, will be posted to the MyUCSC portal in late August. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the Graduate Student Enrollment and Fee Payment Deadline.

    Students admitted for winter or spring quarters, charges will be posted to the MyUCSC portal in late November (winter), or late February (spring). Again, refer to the Academic Calendar for Graduate Student Enrollment and Fee Payment deadlines.

  • Payment Options for Fees

    Graduate students who will be employed as a Teaching Assistant (TA) may arrange to have their fees automatically deducted from their monthly checks the quarter they are employed by completing a form at the Graduate Studies Office, Kerr Hall. The fees will be deducted in equal installments each quarter the plan is in effect.

    If you are unable to pay Registration Fees or Non-Resident Tuition in full and do not have a TA appointment, a Deferred Payment Plan is available through the Student Business Services. An application can be downloaded after July 1. There is a charge for this service and arrangements must be made prior to the payment deadline date.

  • Salary Information

  • The salary for a Teaching Assistant is estimated at $2,582 per month or $7,748 per quarter with state and federal taxes withheld from these amounts. These figures are for a 50%-time appointment; during the academic year, graduate students are only permitted to work up to 50%.

    The salary for a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) is estimated between $1,780 to $3,488 per month or $5,341 to $10,465 per quarter (depending on your department) with state and federal taxes withheld from these amounts. Graduate students who will be employed as GSRs will have all of their Registration Fees and Non-Resident Tuition (if applicable) paid by the University the quarter they are employed.

  • Salary Payment Schedule

    As a TA or a GSR for fall quarter, you will be paid on November 1, December 1, and January 1.

    For winter quarter, you will be paid on February 1, March 1, and April 1.

    Pay dates for spring quarter will be May 1, June 1 and July 1.

  • Fellowship Payment Information

  • Fellowships, financial aid and loans are paid quarterly, provided you have enrolled in at least five units of coursework prior to the beginning of the quarter.

    Checks are mailed at the beginning of each academic quarter to your department.

    You may elect to have your fellowship stipend directly deposited to your bank account, or a check will be produced for you. You can sign up for Direct Deposit on your MyUCSC portal, under "Accounts and Billing." Direct Bank Deposit enables the University to electronically transfer credit balances from your student billing account to your personal checking or savings account. It eliminates the wait time for the mail to arrive and is the most secure method to receive your money.

    Fellowships awarded for less than the full academic year will be paid in equal installments over fall and/or winter quarter (if the award is larger than one quarter of fellowship), unless you contact the Graduate Division requesting a change in this payment schedule. Please note you must be enrolled in at least 5 units to receive your fellowship payment.

  • Degree Verification

  • If official verification of your previous degree(s) has/have not been received by this office, a final transcript from each university where a degree was earned should be sent as soon as possible; you will have to verify your degree during the first term you attend UCSC. The degree verification deadline may vary but you will be notified via email of the specific date your verification is due.

    Official, verifying transcripts or degree certificates need to contain this information:

    1. Title of your degree
    2. Name of your major program of study, and
    3. Date your degree was awarded

    If the copy of the transcript sent to us during the application process was official (sent directly to UCSC in a sealed, university-issued envelope), and it includes the above information, there is no need to resend another copy of your transcript.

    If your degree is not noted on your transcript, we also need to see your diploma. You may bring your diploma to the Graduate Admissions Office when you arrive on campus [Due to COVID-19 restrictions, staff may not accept hardcopies in person at this time. If you need to show your diploma, please email us at gradadm@ucsc.edu so we can work with you], but please arrange to have your transcripts sent as soon as possible. Please refer to our web site for international admissions policies

    • Mail hard-copy, official transcripts that are unopened (still sealed in the school's envelope) to:
    Degree Verification
    Graduate Application Processing, Grad Division
    UC Santa Cruz
    1156 High Street*
    Santa Cruz CA 95064
    *For parcel services (DHL, FedEx, etc.), add H-Barn Receiving to the street address line.
    • Official e-transcripts should be addressed to gradadm@ucsc.edu.
      • Transcript services (i.e. Parchment): if your school's transcript service requires you to choose a delivery address, it should be to Graduate Admissions - UC Santa Cruz. If you do not see this option, please manually enter in our address for delivery; use the email account gradadm@ucsc.edu for delivery.

    As stated in the Registration and Enrollment Information "Your registration at UCSC as well as all financial support will be subject to cancellation if you do not provide evidence of graduation, and of satisfying any further conditions set by the Department, by third week of classes." If you have met the requirements for graduation, but will not be able to arrange for a transcript to be sent by at least the second week of classes, you should contact your undergraduate school's Registrar's Office and request an official Letter of Completion.

    If your university confers degrees at a later date from when you complete your program, you must submit a provisional degree certificate that has the date that your degree will be awarded. We will not accept a certificate with only exam results and/or stating that you completed the program; will will also not accept a provisional certificate that is over one-year old. You will be required to present a final, complete degree verification to UCSC. 

    If you received a degree equivalent to a University of California bachelor's degree abroad, we need to have an official transcript in the original language, and an English translation from the issuing institution. Again, please see our web site for international admissions policies.

    If you have questions regarding verification of your degree, please e-mail us at gradadm@ucsc.edu.

  • Health Insurance

  • Insurance information is provided by the Student Health Center website