About the Online Application

The online application is available beginning October 1st, and closes at 11:59pm on the day of your department's deadline.

Non-refundable Application Fee
The application fee is $105 for domestic applicants and $125 for international applicants. Electronic payment options are available through our online application system and, when necessary, paper checks or money orders are accepted. 

Please note: Application fee payments to the UCSC Graduate Division are processed through UCLA's payment center. Your application will only be delivered to UCSC.

Fee waivers for cases of hardship are available to US citizens and permanent residents only; international students are not eligible. Funds for waivers are limited, but if you feel you qualify for a waiver, complete the “Request for Graduate Application Fee Waiver” form and return it to the Graduate Admissions office for approval. Do not submit both a fee waiver request and an application fee payment.  All payments are final.  If you submit a payment, you may not receive a refund. If your request for a fee waiver is not approved, you will receive an email advising you and requesting the application fee.

Fee waiver request forms must be received by the Graduate Admissions Office a minimum of 5 business days prior to the department deadline.

An email address 
Be sure to provide an email address for an active account that you plan to check regularly when creating your admission application profile. This email address will be used to advise you of the status of your application and for most other communication.

Note: Some of our email messages are generated automatically and sent in bulk. If you are using spam filters on your email account, please make sure that you check your “Junk” email before deleting. You may want to add our most commonly-used addresses to your contact list - gradadm@ucsc.edu and graduatedivision-mailings@ucsc.edu.

Application for merit-based financial support (optional)

Complete the optional "Financial Support" page of the application if you wish to be considered for merit-based support.

Awards from the Financial Aid Office are based on need. Please note that international students are not eligible for need-based aid. To apply for loans contact:

UC Santa Cruz
Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064 (831) 459-2963
Title IV code = 001321


Application for diversity fellowships (optional)
Complete the optional "Diversity Fellowships" page of the application if you wish to be considered for diversity fellowships. The Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship Program is a merit-based diversity enhancement fellowship program that provides financial support to assist students from diverse backgrounds to successfully pursue and complete a graduate degree. This fellowship is awarded to students who have overcome significant obstacles to achieve a baccalaureate level degree, and whose economic, educational, or social background contributes to the intellectual diversity among the graduate student population.

Fellowship recipients must be US citizens or permanent residents.
The Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship and the Dissertation-Year Fellowship are a part of the University of California's Academic Career Development Program.

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