Reactivation, Early, and Late Application Materials

Reactivating old application materials

Please note, we keep application materials for only one year, so if you applied two or more years ago, you will need to submit all supporting materials again.

Applicants have the option of reactivating some materials from an application they submitted within the last year. You will need to submit a new application and pay the application fee. You may re-use your officially-reported test scores (provided these have not expired per the individual testing service's standards), previously submitted transcripts, and previously submitted letters of recommendation*. You will need to re-submit your personal essays, statements of purpose, research statement, etc., as we will not reactivate these materials. 

*If you are using previously submitted letters of recommendation: in the application you will need to register placeholder names for your recommenders. You may use the names of your original recommenders, but enter in the UCSC Graduate Admissions email account "" for the email addresses of your recommenders. 

Once you have submitted your new application, contact and specify which supplemental materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) you wish to apply to your new application.

Early Materials

Transcripts and test scores may be sent to Graduate Application Processing prior to you submitting an application. We will maintain all materials and attach them to your application once it has been submitted.

Late Materials

Any materials received after the deadline will be uploaded and attached to your application. However, we can not guarantee that late materials will be reviewed by the graduate program you are applying to. You should contact the individual program to confirm that they will review late application materials.

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