Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required. Additional letters will be reviewed, but will not help or hurt your application. All recommendation letters are required to be submitted electronically through the online application.  You must register a minimum of three recommenders, and as many as five, via the Recommendations page of the online application.

Letters should be prepared by professors, professional contacts, or others who may best speak to your abilities and academic potential in your chosen field of study.

We strongly recommend that you send an email to your recommenders before registering their email addresses in our system; this will allow you to verify that a) you have the correct email address for your recommender, and b) that they are available to submit your recommendation by the application deadline.

After registering a recommender through the online application, click the “Send Recommender Invitation Now” link to generate an email to that person with a unique, secure link with which they will access the online recommendation submission form. Your Recommendations page will not be complete until at least three recommenders have been sent their invitations. 

You will be able to track receipt of their recommendation via the application; however, you should not wait for your letters to arrive before you submit your application.

You will not have the ability to edit recommender data after sending an invitation, so be sure the information is accurate and that the person you've registered is willing to provide you with a recommendation before sending their invitation through this page.

You will have the ability to rescind a recommendation request if needed.

You may wish to have your recommender add our email address, gradadm@ucsc.edu, to their address book to ensure our email invitation is not accidentally marked as spam.

If you plan to use a letter service, please review that service's instructions before registering your recommenders through the online application; many services will provide you with a unique email address under which you'll register each recommender, allowing the service to electronically submit the letters.

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