AB 540 Applicants

Applicants who meet AB 540 requirements will initially be classified as non-resident, international applicants. Upon admission, they can choose to file the AB 540 tuition exemption form with the Registrar's Office (http://registrar.ucsc.edu/forms/students/AB540-application.pdf) to be considered for the in-state exemption.

Applicants should answer the residency questions in the application accurately:

Are you a citizen of the United States? No

Are you a Permanent Resident (Green Card holder) of the United States of America? No

In what country do you hold citizenship? <select country>

Do you expect to be awarded Permanent Resident status in the United States prior to September 24? No

Do you currently hold a US visa? No

Financial Support for AB 540 Students

Fellowships available to AB 540 graduate students includes any support offered through state funding. For example:

  • Regent's Fellowships, as determined by graduate departments
  • Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowships, as awarded by Graduate Division
  • Chancellor's Fellowships, as awarded by Graduate Division
  • Dissertation Year Fellowships, as awarded by Graduate Division

AB 540 applicants are also encouraged to contact Ana Navarrete in The AB 540 Student Services Program for information about scholarship opportunities. 

More information about AB 540 is posted at the University of California's website, as well as information regarding the California Dream Act.