Q&A With Artist, Alumna Laura C. Wright

Laura C. Wright is a multi-media artist and educator. She is a recent graduate of the UCSC Digital Arts & New Media (DANM) MFA program and is currently teaching a course on Electronic Artmaking at UCSC.

October 29, 2013

Laura C. Wright and her thesis project Radidio - an interactive installation that uses CB and crystal radios. Photo by Lisa Banks.

1. From where do you draw your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from personal experiences and present these ideas in conceptual forms that invite the participant or viewer to investigate their own experience.  "The personal is political" is a feminist point of view that often surfaces in my work as the bridge between my experience and that of my audience.

2. What does technology as a medium allow you to do as an artist that other, perhaps more traditional media doesn’t?

I do not think that new art making technologies have allowed me to do anything that was not possible before, however, I have been able to approach the idea of interaction with my work in ways that are relevant to contemporary society.

3. In what way did the UCSC Digital Arts and New Media program afford you an opportunity to pursue your interests that you may not have received elsewhere? 

A significant portion of the DANM curriculum focuses on theory and this course of study allowed me to strengthen the conceptual framework for my projects. Gaining a broader context for the work I make has added a new and exciting dimension to my process.

4. What part of the creative process do you find the most challenging? OR How have you grown as an artist over time?

Dedicated focus to one idea or concept at a time has been a challenge for me as an artist.  I get excited by many ideas and possibilities at once and it can be hard to commit to one course of action.  Following the necessities of my profession, such as having a show deadline or defining my practice, have helped me to gain a greater focus in my work.

5. You are currently teaching a course in the DANM program; what advice do you give your students so that they get the most they can out of the program?

I advise my students attend as many seminars, talks, and shows that DANM, The School of Art, and the Sesnon Gallery offer so that they are exposed to as many ideas as possible.  UCSC provides a lot of access to being in the presence of artists talking about their work, scholars discussing concepts in art, and opportunities for seeing art work in person.  Being an artist is being a part of a community and listening to that community is just as important as being herd by it.

Below, Laura discusses her thesis project Radidio.

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