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On Interning in the Humanities, Whitney DeVos

The "First Quarter" 

This blog series documents the transition into graduate school. Five first-year graduate students have offered to share their experiences and reflections of their "First Quarter."

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Dan Killam Earl Hidayetoglu (PhD, Sociology) Lindsay Weinberg (PhD, History of Consciousness) Pauline Blaimont (PhD, Ecology & Evolutionary Sciences) Kimberly Mayfield (PhD, Ocean Sciences)

Voices of Resilience

In this blog series, graduate students describe their experiences coming from populations underrepresented within academia. 

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Arnold Sanchez, Department of Education Amena Coronado (PhD, Philosophy) Nicole Pereira (PhD, Ocean Sciences) Saúl I. Maldonado (PhD, Education) Robin Sacolick (Phd, Music)