UCSC Community & The Election

Comments from Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies Tyrus Miller on campus community, outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election

November 09, 2016


Dear UCSC Graduate Students,

We have together experienced a long and often bitterly divisive election campaign. Now that the election is concluded, many questions linger about its impact on our campus and our graduate students in the future.

We heard during the election campaign many things profoundly contrary to and offensive to the shared values of the UC Santa Cruz community: stereotyping of ethnic and religious groups; mockery of the disabled; demeaning and hostile language towards women, immigrants, and other groups; threats of violence, the loss of civil rights and protections, and legal exclusion; disdain for scientific evidence and informed analysis.

We have dwelt for many months in an environment of political speech and actions antithetical to the openness, inclusiveness, diversity, and global awareness essential to public higher education, and to the learning and discovery that defines our university’s special mission.

As Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, responsible for all our graduate programs and for all UC Santa Cruz graduate students, I want to acknowledge and sympathize with the uncertainty and anxiety that this election may have caused you.

And I want to strongly reaffirm the commitment of myself, the Division of Graduate Studies staff, and the faculty and staff of our graduate programs, to respect and support every member of our graduate community.

As we go forward, I urge you to help strengthen our campus ideals of offering respect, opportunity, and security to each member of our community, as we engage in discovery, shared inquiry, and reasoned debate about the things that matter to our future.

Tyrus Miller
Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate Studies