Outstanding TA Award Winners

October 10, 2012


Congratulations to the graduate students who have been selected as recipients of the 2011-12 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. 

Their selection attests to the high regard the faculty and students have for their work as a Teaching Assistant. It also carries an award of $200.00 at the Bay Tree Bookstore, a token of recognition for their outstanding performance as Teaching Assistants across campus.

Yashar Abdollahian (Chemistry)
Vikram Baliga (EEB) 
Peter Brewitt (ENVS)
Christoph Durt (Philosophy) 
Patrick Ellis (EE)
Ben Fribley (Politics)
Adam Hefty (HISC)
Anneke Jansen (Anthropology) 
Kerri Johnson (EPS) 
Yvonne Kwan (Sociology)
Lauren Lui (BME)
Saul Maldonado (Education)
Julissa Martinez (SAM)
Peter Mawhorter (CMPS)
Marc Mendonca (CE)
Mark Norris (Linguistics)
Larry Pack (Physics)
Nirshan Perera (Literature)
Benjamin Pietrenta (Hisory)
Rany Polany (TIM)
Sobia Saleem (HAVC)
William Sause (METX)
Corey Shanbrom (Math)
Lauren Shapiro (Psychology)
Joanna Sokolowski (FIDM)
Ren Wang (Economics)