Outstanding TA Award Winners

May 30, 2013


Congratulations to the graduate students who have been selected as recipients of the 2012-13 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. 

Their selection attests to the high regard the faculty and students have for their work as a Teaching Assistant. It also carries an award of $200.00 at the Bay Tree Bookstore, a token of recognition for their outstanding performance as Teaching Assistants across campus.

Miles Duncan  (METX)
Logan Puck  (Politics)
Morgan MacLeod  (Astronomy)
Darren Willett  (Sociology)
Oliver Northrup  (Linguistics)
Susanna Honig  (EEB)
Alice Durand  (Physics)
Nellie Chu  (Anthropology)
Gabriel Byrne  (MBE)
Jay Roldan  (CE)
Patrick Ellis  (EE)
Ryan Scherbart  (Philosophy
Kendra Dority  (Literature)
Ryan Moll  (AMS)
Radhakrishna Vuppala  (CS)
Tyler Munger  (TIM)
Jessica Loranger  (Music)
Meg Gudgeirsson  (History)
Adam French  (ENVS)
Angelica Lopez  (Psychology)
Erik Green (Education)
Lorraine Affourtit  (HAVC)
Mikael Witte  (EPS)
Ari Cushner  (Hiscon)
Eric Miles (Math)
Curtis Kephart  (ECON)
Anita Chang ( (FD&M)
Will Hewitt  (Chemistry)