2016-17 UCSC Teaching Assistant Awards

Graduate students honored for their work and dedication in enriching the quality of teaching at UC Santa Cruz

June 27, 2017

The following graduate students have been recognized as Outstanding Teaching Assistants for the academic year of 2016-2017.

We wish to extend our gratitude and hearty congratulations to all of our teaching assistants at UC Santa Cruz as they are essential to fulfilling the educational mission at UC Santa Cruz. The Outstanding Teaching Assistant awards are given to graduate students nominated by their programs or departments, based on criteria decided upon by each individual program/department; the Division of Graduate Studies awards one teaching assistant from each program a $200 gift certificate for the UCSC Bookstore.

Our Outstanding Teaching Assistants dedicate themselves to providing excellent learning opportunities for undergraduate students, which greatly strengthens our university community.

* = Awarded by Graduate Division

Awardee Department/Program
Danielle Dadiego* Anthropology
Molly Kosiarek* Astronomy & Astrophysics
Lauren Sanders* Biomolecular Engineering & BioInformatics
Chad Higa* Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ana Kareh Chemistry & Biochemistry
Rachel Snelling Chemistry & Biochemistry
Cole Grim Computer Engineering
Dawn Hustig-Schultz* Computer Engineering
Morteza Behrooz Computer Science
Suzanne da Camara* Computer Science
Andrei Ignat Computer Science
Jiaqi Wu Computer Science
Dustin Harper* Earth and Planetary Sciences
Abe Borker Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Rachel Holser Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Jason John Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Liam Zarri Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Kathryn Beheshti* Ecology & Evolutionary Biology EEB
Fernando Chertman Economics
Jijian Fan* Economics
DJ Jeong Economics
Alan Ledesma Economics
Kelsey Pilch Economics
Yifei Sheng Economics
Akatsuki Sukeda Economics
Julianne Foxworthy* Education
Golam Md. Imran Hossain* Electrical Engineering
Graeme Barid Environmental Studies
Kelsey Forbush Environmental Studies
Emily Reisman Environmental Studies
Pamela Rittelmeyer* Environmental Studies
Kate Ross Environmental Studies
Taylor Wondergem* Feminist Studies
Ebadur Rahman* Film & Digital Media
Joseph Osborn* Games & Playable Media
Priscilla Martinez* History
Gabriel Mindel History of Consciousness
Trung Nguyen* History of Consciousness
Nora Lang* Languages and Applied Linguistics
Marie Tolan* Latin American & Latino Studies
Maho Morimoto* Linguistics
Jennifer Macasek* Literature
Cathy Thomas Literature
Gabriel Martins* Mathematics
Jaime Hernandez* Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology
Jessie Lopez* Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology
Sydney Weiser Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology
Samuel Cushman* Music
Nelsen Hutchison Music
Ike Minton Music
Diana Baetscher* Ocean Sciences
Michelle Drake Ocean Sciences
Brett Dinovo* Philosophy
Adam Reyes* Physics
Dominique De Wit* Politics
Sara Goodman Psychology
Gina Thomas* Psychology
Laura Harrison* Sociology
Raquel Barata* Statistics & Applied Mathematics
Vijay Muthukumaran Technology & Information Management
Duan Zhang* Technology & Information Management
Kristen Laciste Visual Studies
Maggie Wander* Visual Studies