Remy Franklin Coaching

Remy Franklin’s Life Design workshops are hybrid events, both in person at the Graduate Student Commons (with complimentary lunch) and virtual via Zoom, with the exception of the first three workshops of January 11, 18, and 25, which will meet virtually via Zoom only.

Remy Franklin, a career and personal coach and college educator, works at the intersection of personal transformation and social change. His workshops use ontological coaching principles to empower graduate students with skills for greater resilience, focus, and success in academia.

Graduate Student Life Design
Tuesdays, January 11–March 1
11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Pacific Time
Graduate Student Commons Study Lounge 204 and Zoom (except January 11, 18, and 25, which are Zoom only)
Complimentary lunch for in-person attendees

Graduate Student Commons ImageCo-sponsored by the Graduate Student Commons.


Mindset Shift: Managing Your Thoughts for Success in Graduate School and Beyond
January 11 (meeting via Zoom only for everyone)
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Gain awareness of dysfunctional beliefs about life and work that limit your ability to think creatively about your career. Learn design thinking mindsets and divergent thinking techniques to help you overcome imposter syndrome, get unstuck, and see new possibilities.

Building Your Compass: The Meaning of Life and Work
January 18 (meeting via Zoom only for everyone)
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Successful life design requires the ability to clearly articulate your values and beliefs. Learn to use coherence as a guide in life and begin to articulate your aspirations for growth as an Individual Development Plan.

Wayfinding with Work You Enjoy
January 25 (meeting via Zoom only for everyone)
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What energizes and engages you? What helps you be resilient in challenging times? Learn the five elements of wellbeing and begin to identify the work settings you thrive in.

Planning the Creative Way
February 1
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Learn to use ideation techniques like mind mapping and brainstorming to see your career from a new angle. You will develop three versions of your five-year plan— including professional and personal milestones—and use those to guide your life design going forward.

Authentic Networking
February 8
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Most people search for jobs on the internet, but they forget that people are a better version of the world wide web. Learn how to use authentic networking to develop your career vision and find jobs that didn’t exist.

Leveraging Your Strengths
February 15
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Paragons of success applied skills and knowledge to turn their natural talents into strengths. Learn a strengths-based approach to personal and professional development.

Building Your Team
February 22
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Who are your supporters and mentors? Learn how to build your life design team through radical collaboration and effective menteeship.

Strategies for Happy Decision-Making
March 1
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Understanding basic facts about human cognition can help you avoid common decision-making pitfalls. After you’ve explored all your options, learn how to decide and how to be happy with the decision you’ve made.