Leadership Academy

The Division of Graduate Studies offers graduate students a Leadership Certificate Program, consisting of eight 3-hour courses and two day-long workshops. These introduce a range of leadership theory, practical skills, and special topics relevant to both academic and non-academic professional contexts. The varied format includes readings, interactive group activities, case studies, panel discussions, and workshops. Program participants learn about major trends and debates in contemporary leadership thought, gain familiarity with project management and budgeting, develop practical skills for negotiation and conflict resolution, and discuss modes of translating collaborative teamwork and the positive productive employment of different disciplinary perspectives and backgrounds of students in the program.

Leadership Certificate Program

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Presentation and Self-Presentation
  • Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and 360-Degree Assessment
  • Negotiation and Collaboration
  • Diversity, Campus Climate, and Cultural Competency
  • Academic Leadership and Shared Governance
  • Project and Budget Management
  • Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • Awareness, Neuroscience, and the Mindful Leader
  • Actualizing Your Leadership Potential