Graduate Research Symposium 2018 Presenters


Name Division Program Title
Thomas Banghart Social Sciences Anthropology From shore to mountain: a comparison of prey selection and processing at two Middle Period (c. 2800–900 BP) sites from Santa Cruz County, California
Jennifer Bellik Humanities Linguistics Vowels in Turkish onset clusters: Mind or matter?
Jessica Calvanico Humanities Feminist Studies New Orleans’s Girl Problems: The House of the Good Shepherd and the Origins of Juvenile Justice
Charles Cole Engineering Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics Tn5Prime, a Tn5-based 5' capture method for single-cell RNA-seq
Kathryn Dahlgren Engineering Computer Science Towards Not Re-Inventing the Wheel: Managing Data Management Tools
Katherine Dale Physical & Biological Sciences Ecology & Evolutionary Biology The Secret Life of Larval Fish: A Geocaching Adventure
Kiran Garcha Humanities History Bringing the Vanguard Home: The Role of Children, Home, and Family in the Black Panther Party
Justin Gilmore Humanities History of Consciousness Contesting the Idea of Productivity in the Workers’ Movement
Brian Giraldo Engineering Electrical Engineering Atomic layer deposition of non-conformal low dimensional ZnO thin films
Rebekkah Gross Social Sciences Psychology Situational features influence college students’ evaluations about helping
Amy Hart Humanities History Creating a Socialist, Feminist Utopia in 1840’s Ohio: A Case Study of the Nineteenth-Century Intentional Community Movement
Matthew Heiner Engineering Statistics & Applied Mathematics Bayesian Model Selection for Markov Chains using Sparse Probability Vectors
Donald Hickey Humanities History Ambrose Bierce: Bedeviled Reconciliation
Salvador Huitzilopochtli Social Sciences Education Student Appropriation of Teacher Talk Moves and Mathematical Tools in a Discursively Based Classroom
Manping Jia Engineering Electrical Engineering Proton Conductivity of Biomaterials
Daniel Joesten Humanities History “By the Accident of Birth”: British Subjects, Free State Citizens, and the Irish Diaspora in Britain, 1922–1950
Ana Kareh Physical & Biological Sciences Chemistry & Biochemistry Isostructural lanthanide metal-organic frameworks based on biphenyldicarboxylic acid
Giselle Laiduc Social Sciences Psychology Culturally Relevant Growth Messages Unexpectedly Undermine Women's Help Seeking in STEM
Michael Lavell & Youngjun Lee Engineering Statistics & Applied Mathematics The Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability with Unknown Magnetic Field Topology
Tiffany Lockett Social Sciences Psychology School and neighborhood factors influencing low-income, male adolescents' criminalization outcomes
Muiris MacGiollabui Humanities History Global Exile: The Diaspora of the United Irishmen, 1791-1827
Allyson Makuch Social Sciences Environmental Studies Barriers and Flows: Epistemological and Cartographical Challenges to “Seeing” the Landscape of California Cannabis
Paloma Medina Engineering Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics Estimating the Prevalence of Wolbachia in Arthropod and Nematode Taxa
Alexey Munishkin Engineering Computer Engineering Scalable Markov chain approximation for a safe intercept navigation in the presence of multiple vehicles
Yuki Obayashi Humanities Literature Remembering to Forget: The Hiroshima Maidens Project
Sarah Papazoglakis Humanities Literature Doing Good, Behaving Badly: Fictions of American Philanthropy
K. Aysha Peterson Social Sciences Environmental Studies Root-mediated soil fertility and carbon sequestration in agroecosystems
Deniz Rudin Humanities Linguistics Rising Imperatives
John Selberg Engineering Electrical Engineering A Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensor Actuated by Electronic pH Modulation
Sutirtha Sengupta Engineering Statistics & Applied Mathematics Effect of rotation on fingering convection in stellar and planetary interiors
Eaindar Soe Physical & Biological Sciences Chemistry & Biochemistry Synthesis and Characterization of Cationic Silver Quinoxaline Coordination Polymers
Ofir Stefanson Physical & Biological Sciences Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology Novel Method of Plasmid Delivery to Mouse Bladder Urothelium
Ibette Valle Social Sciences Psychology “You Never Become Fully Independent”: Family Roles and Independence in First-Generation College Students
Nicole VanderMeer Humanities History Pervasive Species: The Mongoose, Visualities, and Empire (1869–1936)
Atesh Worthington & Taylor McCann Physical & Biological Sciences Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology The Role of IL7ra in Innate Immune Cell Development
Ka-eul Yoo Humanities Literature Hansen’s Disease Body as an Arena of Cold War: The Case of Korean Poet Han Ha-Wun


Name Division Program Title
Rakshit Agrawal Engineering Computer Science Learning User Intent from Action Sequences on Interactive Systems
John Armstrong Social Sciences Environmental Studies Climate Change Policymaking: Local Control and Transformation of the Electricity System
Erik Bernardino Humanities History Creating Morals, Erasing Workers: U.S. Immigration Laws and Women Migrants in the U.S.–Mexico Borderlands
Carver Bierson Physical & Biological Sciences Earth Sciences Understanding the effect of Venus’s sulfuric acid clouds on atmospheric chemistry
Bristol Cave-LaCoste Humanities History “Living Openly and Notoriously”: The Sexual Policing of Migrant Women
David Coulter Physical & Biological Sciences Astronomy & Astrophysics Discovery of the First Electromagnetic Counterpart to a Gravitational Wave Source
Jennifer Day Social Sciences Psychology Applying Theories of Face Identity and Expression to Digital Face Representations
Luz de Wit Physical & Biological Sciences Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Potential public health benefits from cat eradications on islands
Keegan Farrell Arts Digital Arts & New Media WHITENESS: Exploring how mixed-race individuals who appear to be white bear witness to persistent racism in a “post-racial” society
Julianne Foxworthy Social Sciences Education Investigating Teacher Follow-Up Moves in Whole Class Mathematics Discussions
Elizabeth Goldman Social Sciences Psychology Once Helpful, Always Helpful? Infants’ Expectations about Helping and Hindering Behavior across Scenarios
Sharmistha Guha Engineering Statistics & Applied Mathematics Understanding Human Creativity with Brain Networks
Szilard Gyalay Physical & Biological Sciences Earth Sciences What Lies under the Shells of Saturn's Icy Moons?
Suraiya Jetha Social Sciences Anthropology Friendship and Nation in Norway
John Karnes Physical & Biological Sciences Chemistry & Biochemistry Zooming in on the Oil-Water Interface with Computer Simulations
Kylie Kenner Social Sciences Education A Community College Intervention Program: The Affordances and Challenges of an Educational Space of Resistance
Grant Koch Physical & Biological Sciences Chemistry & Biochemistry Property-Based Selection of Membrane Permeable Macrocyclic Scaffolds in a DNA-Encoded Library
Benjamin Lehmann Physical & Biological Sciences Physics Can electrons bump into dark matter?
Anna Lowe Physical & Biological Sciences Ocean Sciences Do they stay or do they go? The journey of kelp rockfish larvae off the central California coast
Saugher Nojan & Shimul Chowdhury Social Sciences Sociology Muslim Students Capture Campus Climate: A Photovoice Project
Yohei Rosen Engineering Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics Fast computational methods to describe genetic alleles, loci and haplotypes
Nedda Saremi Engineering Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics A Puma is a Mountain Lion is a Cougar is a Mountain Screamer
Alison Tang Engineering Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics Full-length characterization of isoforms to investigate cancer-associated mutations
Andrei Tcacenco Humanities History Communist Morality and National Upheaval in the U.S.S.R.: 1985–1991
Cynthia Tibbetts Humanities Philosophy Can We Care Better?: Exploring the limits of our capacity to care for others

Cara Vennari

Physical & Biological Sciences Earth Sciences Mineral Physics: How we Understand the Structure of the Deep Earth

Roger Volden

Engineering Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics R2C2: Increasing the Accuracy of MinION Sequencing Reads
Mitchell Winter Arts Visual Studies Optics of American Empire: James Ricalton and Stereoscopic Ethnography in Early Twentieth Century India, 1888–1907
Rachel Zuercher Physical & Biological Sciences Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Coastal marine ecosystem connectivity: pelagic to kelp forest subsidies


Kavi Duvvoori Arts Digital Art & New Media Exploring Algorithmically Mediated Language Games
Taylor Kirsch Humanities History Chinese Roots Amidst the Saguaros: Public Memory and Community Identity in Chinese Tucson
Priscilla Martinez Humanities History Chinese Roots Amidst the Saguaros: Public Memory and Community Identity in Chinese Tucson
Stephen Richter with Elijah Bloom, Alex Smirnov, & Alexander Garcialuna Humanities Literature Harry Potter and the Heretics of W.O.Z.: Translation, Transmission, and the Transposition of J.K. Rowling’s 7-book series into multimedia performance, to explore the power and price of magic in our world
Michael Saccone Physical & Biological Sciences Physics Finding Monopoles in Artificial Spin Ice