Graduate Research Symposium 2017 Presenters


Name Division Program Title
Gbolahan Adesoye Engineering Computer Science Visualization of Internal Human Body Parts on Mobile Devices
Sarah Beganskas Physical & Biological Sciences Earth Sciences Carbon-rich amendments stimulate nitrate removal in pilot infiltration studies
Megan Boivin Engineering Computer Engineering Force Feedback Control and Navigation of a Flexible Needle with Anatomical Uncertainties
Hamutahl Cohen Social Sciences Environmental Studies Urbanization influences bee-microbe interactions
Charles Cole Engineering Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics Characterizing CD27CD38 positive B cell populations through single cell RNA sequencing
Jack Conrad Physical & Biological Sciences Earth Sciences Preliminary Distribution and Statistics of “Bacilli” in the Southern Region of Sputnik Planitia, Pluto
Juan Diaz Engineering Electrical Engineering Study of thin film oxidation kinetics using a combination of simulations and advanced characterization
Jolene Draper Physical & Biological Sciences Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology Tracking mRNA isoform fate during neurodifferentiation
Adrian Drummond-Cole Humanities History of Consciousness The Highway and the City of God
Karen Duek Humanities Linguistics Meaning flexibility: the view from containers
Monika Egerer Social Sciences Environmental Studies Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Service Provision through Urban Food Cultivation
Daniel Eliahu Engineering Computer Engineering A Sensor System for the Objective Quantification and Classification of Tremors
Xiaofei Gao Humanities History Maritime Manchuria, 1905-1999
Devika Garg Physical & Biological Sciences Science Communication Communicating Precision Medicine to the Public
Elizabeth Goldman Social Sciences Psychology Five-Month-Olds Detect Changes with Contextual Support
Hyejin Han Engineering Computer Engineering Hybrid Control Algorithm for Object Grasping Using Multiple Agents
Ehsan Hemmati Engineering Computer Engineering Name-Based Content Routing in ICN Using Diffusing Computations
Luke Hibbard-Lubow Engineering Electrical Engineering Fabrication and Characterization of Two-Material Nanomagnetic Arrays
Mike Jaris Engineering Electrical Engineering Ultrafast Dynamics of a Single Nanomagnet Coupled to Surface Acoustic Waves
Madeleine Kerrick Social Sciences Psychology Diapers & Degree Completion: Understanding the Needs of Students with Dependent Children
Michael Lavell Engineering Scientific Computation & Applied Mathematics Pursuing accurate solutions of slowly moving shocks
Sarah Lindley Physical & Biological Sciences Chemistry & Biochemistry Optimizing Photothermal Therapy of Oral Cancer with Hollow Gold Nanospheres
Jordan Liss Engineering Computer Engineering High Precision Sunphotometer using Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Camera Tracking
Chester Liwosz Social Sciences Anthropology Canyons, Cosmology, and Coyote Calls: Acoustics and experimental ethnoarchaeology in two California desert rock art landscapes
Muiris MacGiollabhui Humanities History Sons of Exile: An Atlantic History of the United Irishmen, 1795-1830
Harleigh Marsh Engineering Statistics & Applied Mathematics Energy Constrained Shortest-Time Maneuvers For Reaction Wheel Satellites
Jo Mazeika Engineering Computer Science Solusforge: Controlling the Generation of the 3D models with Spatial Relation Graphs
Gisele Miglioranza Rizzi Physical & Biological Sciences Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology Lead Concentrations Within the Condor Skeleton: Advancing Biomarkers of Lead exposure History and Poisoning
Wilson Miu Humanities History Becoming a Better Man: Masculinity and Domesticity in Republican China, 1925-1937
Stephanie Montgomery Humanities History Ignorant Women, Violent Men: Spousal Murder in 1930s Tianjin
Alexey Munishkin Engineering Computer Engineering

Stochastic Optimal Control Navigation with the Avoidance of Unsafe Configurations

Vijay Muthukumaran Engineering Computer Engineering Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Using Radar and Robust Hybrid Controller
Sara Nasab Engineering Statistics & Applied Mathematics

New inertia-driven instabilities in particle-laden flows

Steven Reeves Engineering Scientific Computation & Applied Mathematics GPU Accelerated Simulation of Shallow Water Waves Including the Effects from Source Terms
Michael Saccone Physical & Biological Sciences Physics Neural Network Reduction via Clustering Analysis
Renée Sully Engineering Electrical Engineering Size and Ligand Effects on Optoelectronic and Structural Properties of Germanium Quantum Dots
Nicole VanderMeer Humanities History “A Word to the Commercially Wise”: Mark Twain, the Hawaiian Landscape, and the Narrative Mapping of Imperial Desire in American Print Culture, 1866-1908
Roger Volden Physical & Biological Sciences Chemistry & Biochemistry DSCAM Isoforms in Single Drosophila Neurons
Margaret Wander Arts Visual Studies Archiving the Public University: From the Local to the Global
Lindsay Weinberg Humanities History of Consciousness From Mass Culture to Personalization
Samantha Williams Humanities History “That was our home, and it needs to be remembered”: Erasing and Reclaiming the History of the Stewart Indian School
Bin Yao Physical & Biological Sciences Chemistry & Biochemistry Flexible Metal Oxide Nanopaper for High-Performance Energy Storage Devices
Liam Zarri Physical & Biological Sciences Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Machine Learning for Ecology: Automated Invertebrate Monitoring on Large Rivers


Name Division Program Title
Jay Arms Arts Music Experimentalism and American Gamelan: Gamelan Son of Lion and the Internationalization of Indonesian Arts
Cassidy Berk Engineering Electrical Engineering Two-Pump Dynamics in Exchange Coupled Magnetic Multilayers
Carver Bierson Physical & Biological Sciences Earth Sciences Forming Icy Worlds: Things get hot
Carolyn Branecky Physical & Biological Sciences Earth Sciences Observations below an Antarctic ice shelf reveal slow melting
Gopikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Meena Engineering Electrical Engineering MMI waveguide based multispectral detection of nucleic acids for analysis of drug-resistant bacteria
Helen Holmlund Physical & Biological Sciences Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Ferns living on the edge: Differential traits for survival during California’s drought
Suraiya Jetha Social Sciences Anthropology The Center for Emerging Worlds: the Global South
Jorge Jimenez Physical & Biological Sciences Chemisty & Biochemistry Stable and highly water soluble silver complexes derived from 2,6-(pyridyl)iminodiaadamantanes for bacterial eradication
Daniel Killam Physical & Biological Sciences Earth Sciences Tracking Giant Clam Growth Through Time as a Measure of Coral Reef Health
Nickolas Knightly Humanities Philosophy Revisioning Philosophy: Discovering Practical Wisdom in a Time of Crisis
Tianyu Liu Physical & Biological Sciences Chemistry & Biochemistry Lessons Learned by Designing and Instructing an Undergraduate Chemistry Course
Sarah Neuhaus Physical & Biological Sciences Earth Sciences Quantifying iceberg melt in a temperate fjord
Saugher Nojan Social Sciences Education Afghan-Americans Negotiating Racialized Logics In and Out of Schools
José Armando Oviedo Engineering Electrical Engineering Fundamentals of Fair Power Allocation in Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for 5G Wireless Systems
Allison Pfeiffer Physical & Biological Sciences Earth Sciences Flying green lasers and a giant selfie-stick: seeing the river bed in the context of the river valley
Sharon Rabinovich Engineering Computer Engineering Multi-UAV Path Coordination Based on Uncertainty Estimation

Md Mahmudur Rahman

Engineering Electrical Engineering Single Particle Fluorescence Analysis on Demand on Electro-Optofluidic Chip with Gated Particle Delivery
April Reber Social Sciences Anthropology Rightist, right-wing, extremist movements in Germany: New frames for old discourses?
Michael Roders Physical & Biological Sciences Chemistry & Biochemistry Characterization of Charge Transport Networks in Polymer/Non-fullerene Solar Cells
Julian Rodriguez Social Sciences Sociology Coming Out to Play: Exploring Online Communications and the Gay and Lesbian Presence in Video Game Culture
Mauricio Rojas-Andrade Physical & Biological Sciences Chemistry & Biochemistry Controlled Phototoxicity of Graphene Oxide Quantum Dots Through Chemical Functionalization
Tatiane Santa Rosa Arts Visual Studies The Eternal Encounter: Indigenous Visual Culture and the Legacies of the Military Dictatorship in Brazil
Sabrina Shirazi Physical & Biological Sciences Ecology & Evolutionary Biology A Tale of Two Mice: A Trans-Holocene Record of Peromyscus nesodytes and P. maniculatus at Daisy Cave, San Miguel Island, California
Mecaila Smith Social Sciences Education Thinking About Learning in College
Alexandra Stambaugh Engineering Electrical Engineering Spectral and Spatial Multiplex Detection of Six Different Influenza Panel Viruses on a Multi-mode Interference Waveguide Platform
Jeff Swan Physical & Biological Sciences Chemistry & Biochemistry Mechanisms of Output Signaling from the Cyanobacterial Circadian Clock
Stephanie Webb Social Sciences Environmental Studies Food Systems of Eastern Africa: Political Economics and Consumption of Cultured Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus)