2020 Graduate Research Symposium Presenters


Presentations may include optional screen-shared slides (single slides for “posters”) or alternative media, such as audio-video clips.

Name Division Program Title
Monica Ambalal Arts Music Learning about Stockton’s ‘Little Symphony’ through the Archive
Andrew Angeles Humanities Linguistics Prosodic adjunction in Kyoto Japanese compound words
Shirin Bakhshay Social Sciences Psychology Satisfying the Urge to Punish: Exploring Strategies for Increasing Support for Restorative Justice Practices
Genesis Berlanga Physical and Biological Sciences Earth and Planetary Science Raman Spectral Mineral Component Identification Under Dusty Conditions Using CNNs: Towards a Mars Mineral Tricorder
Vishal Chakraborty Baskin School of Engineering Computer Science Possible Winners on Partial Chains
Haoran Chang Arts Digital Arts and New Media Untitled (Disappearing): A Recompiled Virtual Reality Experience on Web
Daniel Copulsky Social Sciences Psychology Some People Identify BDSM as Their Sexual Orientation
Akila de Silva Baskin School of Engineering Computer Science rip current detection
Kira Dralle Arts Music La Guerre du Jazz: On the racial imagination and historiography of black jazz in the Third Reich
Jack Duff Humanities Linguistics The processing of direct discourse: When a subordinate speech act sticks around
David Duncan Humanities History The Salt and Pepper Talks: A Story of Voluntary Desegration in the West
Joseph Finkel Arts Music Music + Mycology = Local Musicology: John Cage and the UC Santa Cruz Special Collections
Morgan Gates Humanities Literature Listening to The Star of Ethiopia in 1915: Sonic Paratexts, Aural Histories, and Cinematic Conjunctions
Elizabeth Goldman Social Sciences Psychology To Share or Not to Share
Ahsan Habib Baskin School of Engineering Electrical Engineering Electro-Plasmonic Wireless Nanoelectrodes for Millionplex Electrophysiological Recordings with Subcellular Resolution
Sam Hughes Social Sciences Psychology Sexual Healing: The Benefits of Erotic Hypnosis for Coping with Negative Physical and Mental Health Symptoms among Erotic Hypnosis Fetishists
Sona Kaur Social Sciences Psychology “I’m not a maybe. I’m the one.”: Romanticized abuse in the Netflix Original Series “You.”
Brian Kawahara Physical and Biological Sciences Chemistry and Biochemistry Overcoming Chemotherapeutic Resistance: Inhibition of Cytochrome P450-mediated Metabolism of Paclitaxel in Human Breast Cancer Cells In situ with Carbon Monoxide
Robin Keller Humanities History “Hell in the Fullest Sense of the Word”: Holocaust Refugees in Wartime Shanghai
Tori Klein Physical and Biological Sciences Chemistry and Biochemistry Using zombie insects to find cures for human diseases: Optimizing natural products from the Cordyceps genus of fungi
Mali’o Kodis Physical and Biological Sciences Coastal Science and Policy Strategic Retreat for Resilient Climate Adaptation
Taylor Kurupas Humanities History Stereotyping the Stereo: Sound, Space, Race, and Technology in New York City from the 1970–1980s
Bhishek Manek Baskin School of Engineering Applied Mathematics Formation of X-ray Rotating Jets in Solar Corona: Simulations and Observations
Mays Mohammed Salih Physical and Biological Sciences Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology An RNA Processing Protein as a Novel Regulator of the Innate Immune Response
Anna Nisi Social Sciences Environmental Studies Exurban development creates an ecological trap for pumas in a fragmented landscape
Pegah Ojaghi Baskin School of Engineering Computer Engineering A Model Predictive Control Framework for Hybrid Dynamical Systems

Alexandra Race

Social Sciences Education “A More Competent Ecologist”: Impacts of a Field-based Research Internship on Undergraduate Researchers’ Science Identity, Self-efficacy, and Science Community
Nolan Smyth Physical and Biological Sciences Physics Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter
Niky Taylor Physical and Biological Sciences Ocean Sciences Looking a Little Green: Linking Water Color and Quality in San Francisco Bay
Abigail Walsh Social Sciences Psychology Examining the Impact of Nonbinary and Gender-Diverse Television Characters on Attitudes and Behaviors
Nan Wang Baskin School of Engineering Computer Engineering Motion Planning for Hybrid Dynamical Systems
Jacob Winnikoff Physical and Biological Sciences Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Made of Other Stuff: Membrane Composition of Deep, Shallow, Cold, and Warm Comb Jellies
Daniel Wright Physical and Biological Sciences Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Correcting the count: Genetic cryptic speciation and species richness revisited in South Africa’s rocky intertidal