Symposium Participant Instructions

Remember that judges are from within and outside of academia; you are bringing your work to a broad audience, many of whom may not be familiar with complex topics or topical jargon.

Presentations for the 2021 Graduate Research Symposium must be video-recorded (in horizontal not vertical aspect) and submitted via uploading them to your personal UCSC Google Drive, into a dedicated folder for the one presentation video file. As a UCSC student, you have a personal UCSC Google Drive. To participate in the 2021 Graduate Research Symposium, you must create a dedicated folder to hold your one presentation video file.

  • Name the folder 2021_Symposium_YourLastName_YourFirstName (e.g., 2021_Symposium_Newlyn_Sonya). Share the folder with editor access with Sonya Newlyn (
  • You will enter the share link to this folder in the registration form.
    You do not have to upload your presentation video into this folder until the registration deadline of April 16, 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Any registrant who does not upload a presentation video file into their symposium folder by the deadline will be disqualified from the symposium.

Video recording information

Recording your presentation gives great flexibility. You may opt for any visual aid accompaniment, such as slides, taking the audience through a poster, showing a video clip or game snippet, and so on. You may opt to have no visual aid accompaniment and give a speaking presentation only. If you opt to include visual aid accompaniment, be sure to make the visual aid screen time supplemental (not more than 50%) compared to your appearance in the video. Record your video in horizontal aspect, not vertical.

Optional: ITS-Learning Technologies will insert up to five (but a maximum of three is recommended) PowerPoint slides (16:9 ratio) into your video:

  • By April 9, 12:00 p.m. (noon) Pacific Time, you must submit
    • Your video file, recorded in horizontal (not vertical) aspect
    • Your PowerPoint file in widescreen 16:9 ratio
    • A document stating the minute and second mark and what you are saying where each slide should be inserted into the video file and how long the slide should be displayed before returning to you
  • To avail yourself of this ITS-LT service, you submit these files by uploading all of them to your dedicated symposium Google Folder on your personal UCSC Google Drive. You may create a Google Doc in this folder to indicate the minute and second marks and describe what you're saying where each slide should be inserted.
  • Name all files with this naming convention:

Because of the remote and virtual nature of the symposium, the Graduate Division recommends you prepare a video with you as the sole presenter. If you want to have co-presenters (one to three), please contact Sonya Newlyn ( to discuss.

  • Record your presentation into any video file format, such as .wav, .mp4, and so on. One method you may use is to record your presentation in a Zoom meeting of just yourself (the only meeting participant).
  • The time limit for the video is five minutes.
  • Do not add a title screen to your video. ITS-Learning Technologies will add uniform title screens to all videos with presenter names, programs, and presentation titles.
  • Do not start a slide presentation with a title slide, as this information will appear on the title screen of your video.
  • Do not begin your presentation talk by introducing yourself, as this information will appear on the title screen of your video. Start immediately with your presentation content.
  • Name the presentation video file:
    2021_Symposium_YourLastName_YourFirstName_YourPresentationTitle (e.g., 2021_Symposium_Newlyn_Sonya_MyPresentationTitle.mp4).