Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning (CITL)

CITL staff

The UCSC Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning (CITL) promotes inclusive and engaged teaching and learning to enable every educator and learner on campus to thrive. CITL offers certificate programs and video training resources.

CITL also partnered with Online Education to create an online Canvas course, Teaching as an Ethical Practice, or TA Ethics, available to all TAs as a resource. If you are a new TA, you are required to take TA Ethics the quarter of your first teaching assistantship. This training time (estimated at 8 hours) makes up part of the 220 work hours per quarter. To be added to the course, contact Sonya Newlyn in the Division of Graduate Studies. If you are a TA whose first teaching assistantship at UCSC occurred prior to fall 2020, you may self-enroll in TA Ethics to use as a resource.