Graduate Research Assistant (GSR) in Institutional Research and Policy Studies (IRPS)

Department: IRPS, Office of Planning and Budget 

Job Title: Graduate Research Assistant 

Duration of Appointment: The GSR appointment will start in Summer 2013 and continue in the 2013-14 academic year. The worktime will be 20 hours per week. 

Institutional Research and Policy Studies (IRPS) is part of the Office of Planning and Budget and supports data-driven institutional decision making by collecting, analyzing, and reporting student data to academic departments and the administration as well as to other internal units and external agencies. IRPS is responsible for campus-wide student survey data collection and analysis including the University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) and the UCSC Graduate Student Survey that provide valuable data for academic program review. IRPS analysts conduct research on a range of topics including educational effectiveness, student retention, campus climate, and class availability based on student survey data and institutional data. 

Job Description 

Under direction of the Principal IRPS Analyst, the Graduate Research Assistant will participate in all stages of survey data collection, analysis, and reporting. The Graduate Research Assistant will work with different survey instruments and large datasets using a variety of analytical techniques to prepare research reports. During Summer and Fall of 2013 the graduate student will be involved in producing comprehensive reports describing educational experiences of students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs at UCSC. The Graduate Research Assistant will participate in data analysis including identifying statistically significant differences in student experiences based on their social background, identity, academic preparation, and field of studies. He or she will be responsible for producing customized tables and charts, interpretation of research findings, and writing analytical summaries. In Winter and Spring of 2014 the Graduate Research Assistant will assist with publicity and administration of CLASS survey and the UCUES survey. 

In addition to receiving comprehensive training in survey administration, data analysis and report writing, the Graduate Research Assistant will conduct a review of the major theoretical frameworks, research findings, and analytical approaches used in the fields of institutional research and educational assessment. 

Competencies and Qualifications 

 Successful completion of the graduate level coursework in research methods and statistics 

 Excellent analytical writing skills 

 Familiarity with SPSS or other statistical software 

 Attention to detail 



A 1-2 page letter of application, describing your qualifications and your professional interests, and a current CV should be submitted electronically to by April 22, 2013. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee, and a group of finalists will be interviewed. Interviewed finalists will be required to receive written endorsement from their advisor, certifying that the advisor supports the student’s candidacy for the GSRship and that the student is in good academic standing to carry through the responsibilities of the full 3-quarter plus summer GSR appointment.