All materials must be received by the deadline date for the department to which you are applying. This includes the online application, letters of recommendation, test scores and transcripts.
The online application is available beginning October 1st (unless otherwise noted), and closes at 11:59pm on the day of your department's deadline.

Anthropology Ph.D. December 15
Applied Economics & Finance M.S. February 1
Astronomy & Astrophysics Ph.D. January 5
Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics M.S./Ph.D. December 1
Chemistry M.S./Ph.D. December 15
Computer Engineering M.S./Ph.D. January 3
Computer Science M.S./Ph.D January 3
Digital Arts and New Media MF.A. January 7
Earth Sciences M.S./Ph.D. January 5
Ecology & Evolutionary Biololgy M.A./Ph.D. December 15
Economics Ph.D. January 15
Education: Collaborative Leadership Ed.D. Not Accepting Apps
Education Ph.D. December 1
Education: Teaching (credential program) M.A. January 15
Electrical Engineering Ph.D. January 3

Winter: November 1
Spring: opens November 2; closes February 1;
Fall: opens February; closes June 1
Environmental Studies Ph.D. December 15
Feminist Studies Ph.D. December 15
Film & Digital Media Ph.D. December 16
Games & Playable Media M.S. March 1
History M.A./Ph.D. December 15
History of Consciousness Ph.D. December 10
Latin American & Latino Studies Ph.D. December 15
Linguistics Ph.D./M.A. December 15
Literature M.A./Ph.D. December 10
Mathematics Ph.D. January 15
Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology M.S./Ph.D. December 1
Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology M.A. December 1
Music M.A./D.M.A/Ph.D. January 5
Ocean Sciences M.S./Ph.D. January 15
Philosophy M.A./Ph.D. December 15
Physics M.S./Ph.D. January 15
Politics Ph.D. December 15

Program in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
Mechanistic, Structural & Chemical Biology
Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology
Microbial Biology & Pathogenesis

Ph.D. December 1 contact PBSE
Psychology (social, cognitive, developmental) Ph.D. December 15
Science Communication: Science Writing Certificate April 1
Social Documentation M.A. January 15
Sociology Ph.D. December 15
Statistics & Applied Mathematics M.S./PhD. January 3
Technology & Information Management Ph.D. January 3

Winter: November 1
Spring: opens November 2; closes February 1;
Fall: opens February; closes June 1
Theater Arts M.A. February 1
Visual Studies Ph.D. December 15