• Anthropology [Ph.D.]
    The Anthropology Graduate Program at UC Santa Cruz is one of the foremost in the country, widely recognized for the creative scholarship of its students and faculty.

    Applied Economics and Finance [M.S.]
    The M.S. program in Applied Economics and Finance provides one year of analytical graduate training that prepares students for careers in business, government, international and domestic banking, consulting firms, and nonprofit organizations.

    Economics [Ph.D.]
    The curriculum treats both micro- and macroeconomics from an open economy perspective. Specialized fields such as industrial organization, public finance, and labor economics focus on behavior and adjustment in an interdependent world economy.

    Education [M.A., Ph.D.]
    The MA/Credential program prepares thoughtful and competent teachers. The Ph.D. program develops leading scholars who engage in research. Both unique and innovative programs focus on culturally and linguistically diverse children and youth.

    Environmental Studies [Ph.D.]
    The Ph.D. program in the Department of Environmental Studies draws from ecology and the social science, and emphasizes close faculty-student interactions, department-wide intellectual exchange, and the flexibility for continued innovation.

    Latin American & Latino Studies [Ph.D.]
    The graduate program offers an innovative transnational and interdisciplinary approach to the study of the peoples, cultures, societies and institutions of the Americas.

    Politics [Ph.D.]
    Research areas in the Politics Ph. D. program include American political development and a focus on the social foundations of democratic politics and democratization.

    Psychology [Ph.D.]
    Our Ph.D. program has earned national distinction in cognitive, developmental, and social psychology. Each research area has its own unique educational purpose and philosophy.

    Sociology [Ph.D.]
    The Sociology Ph. D. program provides a general background in sociological theory and methods and also stresses independent work.

  • Facilities

  • Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food SystemsMuseum of Natural History Collections

  • Meet Us

  • B. Ruby Rich from UCSC Grad Div Videos on Vimeo.

    B. Ruby Rich :: Professor, Community Studies
    B.'s work analyses transnational documentary and the gathering of information under governmental constraints. She is also completing a series of essays on the New Queer Cinema.

    Jennifer Gray O'Connor from UCSC Grad Div Videos on Vimeo.

    Jen Grey O'Connor :: Student, Sociology
    Jen's research explores urban sprawl, residential segregation, and the effects of the Smart Growth Movement on the urban form.

    Allison Gallaway from UCSC Grad Div Videos on Vimeo.

    Allison Gallaway:: EVC, VP; Professor, Anthropology
    Allison's work looks at issues of social justice involving the marginalized population.

    Martin Chemers from UCSC Grad Div Videos on Vimeo.

    Martin Chemers :: Professor, Social Psychology
    Marty is a social psychologist with interests in leadership, team and organizational effectiveness.

    Heath Cabot from UCSC Grad Div Videos on Vimeo.

    Heath Cabot :: Student, Anthropology
    Heath's research explores issues of immigration, asylum law, and advocacy in Greece, one of the 'more porous' Mediterranean frontiers in the new European Union.

    Ruth Kim from UCSC Grad Div Videos on Vimeo.

    Ruth Kim :: Student, Education
    Ruth's research explores youth advocacy through the promotion of youth cultural production, focusing on community organizing, pedagogy and the relevance of spoken word, or performance poetry, in the lives of youth.

    Su-hua Wang from UCSC Grad Div Videos on Vimeo.

    Su-hua Wang :: Assistant Professor, Psychology
    Su-hua's research explores the role of experience on babies' learning about the physical world and their learning about people.

    Jun Sunseri from UCSC Grad Div Videos on Vimeo.

    Jun Sunseri :: Student, Anthropology
    With a concentration in historical archeology, Jun's research interests include contact studies, indigenous archeology, and the role of archeology in cultural patrimony in areas such as Southern Africa and the American Southwest.

    Greta Gibson from UCSC Grad Div Videos on Vimeo.

    Greta Gibson :: Professor, Education
    Professor Gibson focuses on the Anthropology of Education. Gibson, along with a colleague in Spain are currently studyin immigrants and school - immigrant youth in High Scools in both Barcelona and the US.

    Greg Gilbert from UCSC Grad Div Videos on Vimeo.

    Greg Gilbert :: Professor, Environmental Studies 
    Greg's work aims to use evolutionary ecology to better inform conservation decisions and practice, with a special focus on how native plant communities respond to novel diseases, biological invasions, and changing climate.

  • Research

  • Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS)
    The Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems is a research, education, and public service program at the University of California, Santa Cruz, dedicated to increasing ecological sustainability and social justice in the food and agriculture system. On the UCSC campus, the Center operates the 2-acre Alan Chadwick Garden and the 25-acre Farm. Both sites are managed using organic production methods and serve as research, teaching, and training facilities for students, staff, and faculty.

    Center for Global, International and Regional Studies (CGIRS)
    Since 1996, UCSC’s Center for Global, International and Regional Studies (CGIRS), has addressed these and other challenges through innovative, thoughtful and critical faculty research, undergraduate curricula and public outreach, and policy analysis and action. CGIRS was established through a merger of the Global Transformations ORU and the IGCC funded Stevenson College Program on Global Security. CGIRS is supported by funding from the UCSC Social Sciences Division, various UC systemwide centers, private foundations, corporations and other sources. It is also UCSC campus administrator of two UC system wide MRUs: the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, based at UC-San Diego, and the Pacific Rim Research Program, both of which fund graduate and faculty research. 

    Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community (CJTC)
    The Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community (CJTC) at UC Santa Cruz is a progressive research institute tackling issues of social justice, diversity and tolerance, and the building of collaborative relationships between the university andlocal community. Our overall mission is to promote EQUITY. We define this broadly,including studies of the roots of prejudice, the sources of economic inequality, and the obstacles to the building of community. We seek to work at the cutting edge, combining rigor and relevance, as we focus on what might be termed the civil rightsissues of the new century. Most of all, we seek to promote research that translates into action. 

    Santa Cruz Center for International Economics (SCCIE)
    The Santa Cruz Center for International Economics (SCCIE) is a group of UCSC scholars working in the field of international economics, broadly defined to cover international finance, open economy macroeconomics, international trade, development economics (and linkages with environmental issues), and international political economy. The objective of SCCIE is to broaden our understanding of international economic issues by sponsoring research, conferences, graduate studies, and the exchange of scholars. We also support and participate in activities designed to bring greater public awareness and understanding to policy issues involving international economics. SCCIE supports public seminars, publication of working papers, and occasional public forums. 

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  • Anthropology [Ph.D.]
    Allyson Ramage t: 831 459 3588

    Applied Economics and Finance [M.S.]
    Sandra Reebie t: 831 459 2219

    Education [M.A.]
    Kim Jackson t: 831 459 2200 

    Education [Ph.D., Ed.D.]
    Gina Wilkins t: 831 459 4509

    Environmental Studies [Ph.D.]
    Lisa Birney t: 831 459 4136

    Economics [Ph.D.]
    Sandra Reebie t: 831 459 2219

    Politics [Ph.D.]
    Sarah Amador t: 831 459 4450

    Psychology [Ph.D.]
    Heather Henderson t: 831 459 4932

    Sociology [Ph.D.]
    Ann McCardy t: 831 459 3168